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What we are all about...

Our mission statment is simple:

" Prepare and Serve Fresh, Tasty and Healthy Australian and Mediterranean-inspired food."

"Use best-quality fresh ingredients and implement age-old proven cooking practices to ensure customer satisfaction."

What we cook.


We prepare our own Falafel mix and Chicken Marinade. These are served in a Tortilla with a variety of salads and sauces.

The Salads, Tabbouleh, Hummus, Tahini, pickels and Chilii sauce are all "Home made" and are prepared daily.

(When we are inpired we also bake our own pocket bread...)


When it comes to Burgers we can cater to any requirement and combination one could think of.

Be it Quality Beef, Chicken, Vegeterian, The American, The Aussie or any other - we can cook it to perfection !

Potao Chips

Only the best.

We source the best Chips, Sweet Potato Chips and Wedges and fry them to perfection. Then we pack them with a combination of spices and sauces and serve - fresh, crispy and sizzling hot !

Events and Functions.

We can help with any type of event or function.
Any time of the day. Any place.

From Early Breakfast to Late Dinner we can be there and accomodate your specific requirements.

Call or write to us to discuss.

Contact Us


South side of Brisbane, mostly.